The Only Permanent Way

Electrology is the only method of permanent hair removal approved by the FDA. It is important for you to know why electrology may take several treatments and why some of the treated follicles will regrow hair.

For permanent hair removal, it is necessary for the tip of the probe to reach the bottom of the follicle where the current destroys the hair root. Curved or distorted follicles may prevent accurate insertions and hair regrowth should be expected. Retreatment of these follicles will eventually succeed in reaching and destroying the hair root.

Also, very large, deep-rooted hairs might take several treatments to avoid the possibility of destroying too much skin tissue at one time.

Finally, many hairs that appear to be regrowth are actually from follicles that have not been treated before! Each follicle has a unique growth cycle. A hair begins to grow, reaches its maximum size, then, after a period of time, it sheds and will eventually be replaced by another hair. Because of this growth cycle, a percentage of follicles will be empty. These temporarily dormant follicles will soon produce hairs. These new hairs are not regrowth of treated follicles.

As you can see, many factors influence hair growth. Continuous and frequent treatments are necessary for permanent results. The number of sessions will vary for each person, but the unwanted hair will be gone forever when the treatments are completed.